The Rolling Gourmet
Restaurant Accessibility Rating Form
Three people raising a glass at a fine restaurantPlease let us know how accessible your dining experience was.

Is there well-marked accessible parking (including access aisles) at or close to the restaurant?

Your rating of parking:

Getting Into the Restaurant
Can you get inside in a wheelchair using the same entrance as everyone else? How easy was it?

Your rating of Getting into the restaurant:

Inside Access
Can you maneuver around using your chair, cane, crutches, etc. easily? (Are there inaccessible areas? Are tables accessible? Can you sit up close to the table?)

Your rating of inside access:

Restroom Access
Are both men's and women's rooms accessible? (Can you get into the bathroom, move around comfortably, use the facilities? Are there grab bars?)

Your rating of Restroom Access:

If you asked for a specific accommodation (such as a large font or braille menu, have the menu read to you, welcome your guide dog), was it provided?

Your rating of Accommodations:

Overall experience
Did you enjoy your dining experience? Was the food and service good? Did the server treat you with respect?

Your rating of overall experience:

Fields below are optional and confidential. We only ask for this information in case we need to contact you for clarification.



updated July 20, 2017