July 24, 2018 Press Release: Pamela Phelan Joins Disability Rights Center-NH As Litigation Director

July 16, 2018 Press Release: DRC-NH receives grant from the New Hampshire Bar Foundation

February 21, 2018 Press Release: Disability Rights Center Seeks Access to Death Investigation Records

July 7, 2017 Press Release: Disability Rights Center receives grant from the New Hampshire Bar Foundation

June 21, 2017 Press Release: Disability Rights Center Honored for Investigation of Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center

June 30, 2016 Press Release: Disability Rights Center receives grant from the New Hampshire Bar Foundation

May 20, 2016 Press Release: Changes in Leadership at Disability Rights Center - NH

September 17, 2015, Amy Messer My Turn: Unspent money for developmental services is a serious failure of our safety net

August 19, 2015 Richard Cohen My Turn: New Hampshire must do a better job of helping special education students succeed

July 29, 2015 Press Release: Amy Messer Chosen as Disability Rights Center - NH’s Next Executive Director

June 16, 2015 Press Release: Richard A. Cohen, DRC’s Executive Director, to retire in September

September 30, 2014 Press Release: Disability Rights Center - NH Issues Two Reports, Calls for Action on Abuse and Neglect at Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center

May 1, 2013 Press Release: School-based approaches effective for children with disabilities and benefit all children, lawmakers learn

January 7, 2013 News Advisory: DRC responds to NAMI call to action on mental health crisis

October 10, 2012, Press Release: DRC Board of Directors elects Paul Levy President, Joanne Malloy Vice President of Board

August 7, 2012, Press Release: Plaintiffs Reach Settlement with Concord Arts and Crafts, one of the Parties in the Phenix Hall Lawsuit

July 17, 2012, Press Release: NH Governor Candidates Forum on Disability Issues

April 12, 2012, Concord Monitor Op Ed by Michael Skibbie, DRC Policy Specialist: An unnecessary hardship: Voting bill would hurt those with disabilities

April 10, 2012, Letter in Concord Monitor from Richard Cohen, DRC Executive Director: Good news for folks with disabilities

December 12, 2011, Press Release: Disabilities Rights Center receives grant from Children’s Hospital Boston

November 30, 2011, Press Release: Disabilities Rights Center Releases White Paper and Urges Action to Address Conditions leading to Tragic Deaths in the Developmental Services System

September 14, 2011, Press Release: Disabilities Rights Center brings ADA Civil Rights Action on Behalf of Individuals with Physical Disabilities

December 30, 2010, Concord Monitor Op Ed by Richard Cohen, Esq., DRC Executive Director: Let's not forget what ADA is actually for: Phenix Hall should welcome everyone

December 19, 2010, Concord Monitor op ed: Too many juveniles locked up, Policy harms children, wastes state resources, by Michael Skibbie, Ellen Fineberg, and Marilyn Mahoney

October 5, 2010, Press Release: Disabilities Rights Center’s Investigation of the Sununu Center (formerly YDC) Finds Pervasive Pattern of Unnecessary and Excessive Force

July 28, 2010, Opinion: The Granite State just got a little less rocky for people with disabilities

July 27, 2010, Press Release: New Hampshire Enacts Legislation Restricting Restraint of Children in Schools and Treatment Facilities

February 4, 2010, DRC Press Release: National Disability Rights Network Releases Follow-up Report on Seclusion Restraint in Schools; New Hampshire Senate Considering Legislation to Restrict Restraint of Children in Schools and Treatment Facilities

December 17, 2009, Concord Monitor letter from Richard Cohen:Important Changes for Troubled Youth

August 5, 2009 Press Release: New Law Provides for a Certification Process and Judicial Enforcement To Ensure that Newly Constructed or Altered Buildings are Accessible to Citizens with Physical Disabilities

June 11, 2009 Press Release: New Hampshire Supreme Court Issues Decision in William Tinker’s Sidewalk Access Case

April 10, 2009 Press Release: NH Supreme Court AFFIRMS the Rights of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

February 5, 2009, Press Release: Disabilities Rights Center Finds Sununu Center (formerly YDC) Employees Abused and Employed Unnecessary and Excessive Force Against a 14-year old with Emotional Disabilities

October 8, 2008: Supreme Court issues decision in William Tinker's sidewalk access case

August 30, 2008, Concord Monitor letter to the Editor from Richard Cohen, DRC Executive Director: Clear Discrimination

December 26, 2007, Press Release: Individuals with Disabilities Settle Class Action – New Year Brings Promise of Timely Decisions on Medicaid Applications

December 14, 2007, Editorial from Richard Cohen: NH’s Lack of Action and Leadership in Addressing its Deteriorating Community Mental Health System

December 4, 2007, DRC Press Release: Two attorneys join the Disabilities Rights Center

August 21, 2007, DRC Press Statement on Senate Concurrent Resolution 4

June 29, 2007, DRC Press Release: Amy Messer chosen as Disabilities Rights Center’s Legal Director

June 6, 2007, DRC Press Release: Donna Woodfin/Disabilities Rights Center Scholarship awarded

June 4, 2007, DRC Press Release: DRC receives grant from the New Hampshire Bar Foundation

May 23, 2007 DRC Press Release: Ronald Lospennato, Disabilities Rights Center’s Legal Director, Resigns to Take Position at Southern Poverty Law Center

April 30, 2007, Press Release: Half of New Hampshire Students with Disabilities are Dropping Out; Legislature Considering Bills to Address “Crisis in Special Education”

December 18, 2006 Press Release: The Rolling Gourmet Launches New Initiative with Quality of Life Grant from Christopher Reeve Foundation

December 8, 2006, Press Release: Central Registry Abuse and Neglect Task Force Issues Final Report

March 27, 2006, Press Release: LEGAL VICTORY FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING: Disabilities Rights Center Concludes Lawsuit Against Hospital for Failure to Provide Interpreter Services

February 20, 2006, Press Release: NH Supreme Court Affirms Freedom Rights of People with Mental Illnesses

October 31, 2005, Press Release: Ronald Lospennato, Legal Director of the Disabilities Rights Center, to volunteer in Louisiana to protect the rights of people with disabilities

October 13, 2005 Press Release: US Dept of Education Orders State DOE to Pay Back $441,167 (with interest) For Illegal Diversion of Federal Special Education Funds

October 27, 2004 Press Release: Disabilities Rights Center to Assist With Enforcement of Mental Health Treatment at Prison

May 22, 2003, Press Release: Disability Access Issue Settled for Three Filene's Stores in New Hampshire

January 2003, Press Release: Judicial protection sought for abused and neglected children: Plaintiffs in Eric L. class-action lawsuit ask federal court to order New Hampshire to make reforms it agreed to 5½ years ago

April 21, 2018, Union Leader: DOC ordered to release records regarding man who died at state prison

April 20, 2018, Associated Press: Prison Told to Turn Over Records on Inmate's Death

February 21, 2018, NHPR: Disability Rights Lawsuit Seeks Answers in N.H. Inmate's Death

February 21, 2018, Union Leader: Disability advocates sue to get details on inmate death

February 21, 2018, Associated Press: Lawsuit requests access to records about inmate’s death

September 5, 2017, Union Leader: State develops due process plan for mental health patients

March 6, 2016, NHPR: Debating Physician-Assisted Suicide: The Risks vs The Right to Choose

January 6, 2016, NHPR: Expert Reviewer: N.H. Falling Short on Some Areas of Mental Health Settlement

September 27, 2015 Concord Monitor Editorial: A $20 million mistake and a lot of questions

September 25, 2015, Concord Monitor: Newly retired Disability Rights Center director looks back on 40-year career

September 24, 2015, NHPR: Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Lakeview

September 19, 2015, Concord Monitor: Following the missing $20 million from HHS; gone today, here tomorrow

September 16, 2015, NH Bar News: Richard Cohen: ‘A Calling at the Highest Level’

September 16, 2015, Concord Monitor: HHS officials seek answers to unspent money

July 14, 2015, NHPR: A Progress Report on N.H.'s Mental Health Settlement

July 9, 2015, NHPR: Report Says N.H. Still Lags on Mental Health Services

July 9, 2015, NHPR: Report Says N.H. Lags, But Gaining Ground, On Mental Health Services

July 7, 2015, NHPR: A Look at Controversy Surrounding Use of Restraints in Schools

June 14, 2015, Union Leader: Practice of restraining special needs students remains controversial, debated

June 13, 2015, Union Leader: School officials: Restraint cases isolated, don't indicate wider problem

June 13, 2015, Union Leader: Schools grappling with uncontrollable students

May 23, 2015, Boston Globe: Advocate says Lakeview closure would be good for residents

May 22, 2015, Conway Daily Sun: Lakeview to be shut down or sold

May 21, 2015, Union Leader: Appeal denied, Lakeview will shut down

May 20, 2015, NHPR: Lakeview CEO Says Facility Will Shut Down

May 11, 2015, Conway Daily Sun: Hassan: Lakeview must hew to consultant's recommendations

May 8, 2015, NHPR: Lakeview Appeals State Decision To Shut Down Special Ed School

April 24, 2015, NHPR: Lakeview Reports Cite Worsening Conditions, State Oversight Failures

April 14, 2015, WGME (Maine): Reports shows troubling complaints at NH brain rehabilitation center

April 14, 2015, Conway Daily Sun: Lakeview School Shut Down by State DOE

April 14, 2015, WMUR: After criticism, NH works to address woes at Effingham rehab center

April 13, 2015, NHPR: State To Shut Down Lakeview Special Ed School, Hassan Says More Actions To Come

April 13, 2015, Concord Monitor: Report calls for changes in oversight, licensing at Lakeview

April 13, 2015, Union Leader: Lakeview special education program shut down

April 13, 2015, Fox Business: Outside investigation calls for changing in oversight, licensing at Lakeview brain center

March 17, 2015, NHPR: Lakeview Special Ed School On Tight Deadline to Comply With State Regulations

March 8, 2015, Concord Monitor: N.H. moving forward on plans to launch mental health mobile crisis unit in Concord region

March 6, 2015, Carroll County Independent: Lakeview Corrective Action Plan released

March 5, 2015, NHPR's The Exchange: Assessing N.H.'s Support System For People With Disabilities

March 2015, NHPR News Series: Abuse And Neglect At Lakeview

February 19, 2015, NHPR: Concern and Confusion Surround Child Restraint Law Change

December 16, 2014, NHPR: Brain Center Needs Fix Now, But Can State Prevent Future Problems?

December 15, 2014, Conway Daily Sun: State has "serious" concerns about Lakeview

December 15, 2014, Union Leader: State: Range of staffing issues led to 'bad outcomes' at Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation

December 15, 2014, Union Leader: Effingham rehab center told to come up with plan by Dec. 31

December 15, 2014, Valley News: New Hampshire: Brain center needs immediate fix

December 15, 2014, WMUR: State: Brain center must fix problems Report says admissions should continue to be barred at Lakeview

November 27, 2014, Union Leader: Report due soon on alleged abuse at neuro-rehab centers

November 4, 2014, Concord Monitor: Accessibility is Critical on Election Day, Officials Say

October 1, 2014, NH1 News: NH puts Lakeview Neurorehabilitation under investigation

October 3, 2014, NHPR: State Delays Medicaid Managed Care Oversight Change For Patients With Chronic Conditions

September 13, 2014, WMUR: Hassan blocking patients from being placed at Effingham center Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center now under daily monitoring

September 30, 2014, Union Leader: Patient's death sparks probe of Effingham rehabilitation center

June 5, 2014, Hippo Press: State’s juvenile correctional system expected to include 17-year-olds starting in 2015

April 2, 2014, NHPR: Loophole Means Many Child Restraints Go Unreported In New Hampshire

February 19, 2014, NH Bar News: Richard Cohen Named Honorary Fellow

February 3, 2014, Concord Monitor: Downtown: Accessibility key to ‘complete’ Main Street

January 28, 2014, NHPR: Mental Health Checks And Gun Rights

January 15, 2014, Nashua Telegraph: Bill to block gun purchases by the mentally ill draws mix of opposition, and mix of supporters

January 14, 2014, Concord Monitor: Gun groups, mental health advocates divided over gun bill requiring mental health checks

January 14, 2014, Union Leader: State Senate bill to prohibit gun sales to mentally ill sparks debate

December 20, 2013: Settlement reached in community mental health lawsuit! Up to date press on the community mental health lawsuit can be found on this page.

September 4, 2013, NHPR: End Of Life Planning - Advance Directives

June 30, 2013, Concord Monitor: CHINS program, all but eliminated in 2011 budget, is coming back in a new form

May 23, 2012, NHPR: Disability Advocates Troubled by Bill

May 6, 2012, No place for "mentally defective" talk from lawmakers
By Kathryn Wallenstein, DRC Board member

April 10, 2013, Concord Monitor: Disability advocates clear first hurdle in Phenix Hall lawsuit

February 12, 2013, NHPR: Commitment Issues: Guns & The Mentally Ill

October 9, 2012, Business NH: Mental Health Musical Chairs

April 10, 2012, Union Leader: Voter ID bill draws criticism

April 3, 2012, Union Leader: Official: Tests, not schools, are failing

February 19, 2012, AP: NH joins Idaho in new welfare limits for disabled

December 12, 2011, Mental Health Weekly: N.H. Officials Disagree with DOJ Charges of ADA, Olmstead Violation Advocates agree with the federal assessment of the state’s inability to provide adequate community services and supports for mental health consumers and cite litigation, if necessary.

December 10, 2011, Concord Monitor: Feds hit N.H. on mental health reply - Effort not enough, prosecutor says

December 10, 2011, Nashua Telegraph: Justice official says state AG’s claims about mental health treatment in NH ‘simply incorrect’

December 9, 2011, NHPR: Feds Blast NH Mental Health System

December 7, 2011, Concord Monitor: N.H. officials blast mental health critics Justice Department threatens lawsuit

December 1, 2011, WMUR: Report: Deaths Of 6 Disabled People In State Care Preventable Center Examines Care Of Disabled People Over Past Decade

September 25, 2011, Concord Monitor: Five police shootings, four mentally ill victims

September 16, 2011, Concord Monitor: Suit demands Main Street access

September 15, 2011, Concord Monitor: Disability advocates sue Concord developer, Bagel Works

May 6, 2011, Concord Monitor: Bill would let instructors employ "reasonable force"

April 14, 2011, Concord Monitor Opinion column by DRC Executive Director Richard Cohen : Return to the bad old days? Life has improved for people with disabilities; budget puts that at risk

April 13, 2011, Concord Monitor: Lawmakers, advocates react to mental health suit threat: Justice probe adds urgency to issues

March 26, 2011, Nashua Telegraph: Handicapped sign stays down for months

March 21, 2011, Concord Monitor: Despite proposals, no fix yet for The Works: Advocates, owner discussing access

March 15, 2011, Concord Monitor: Eugenics lawmaker resigns

January 24, 2011, Concord Monitor: Protesters decry cafe steps: Disabilities rights advocates call for accessibility

January 16, 2011, Concord Monitor: Developer, advocates meet over Phenix accessibility

December 26, 2010, Concord Monitor opinion by Betsy McNamara: Out of sight, out of mind: When a city is not accessible, those with disabilities are invisible

December 19, 2010, Concord Monitor: Advocates, landlord spar over access, Phenix Hall work not ADA compliant

November 14, 2010, Foster's Daily Democrat: When caregivers no longer can: Parents face need to guard against old age, illness

July 26, 2010, Public News Service: ADA Turns 20: How Far Has NH Come?

July 15, 2010, Foster's Daily Democrat: Oyster River pays $50g settlement over early graduation

April 19, 2010, Concord Monitor: Cuts would send kids to new settings Proposal shutters shelters for youth

March 17, 2010, Concord Monitor: Wait list for disabled may return

March 7, 2010, Nashua Telegraph: Ban Sought on Child Restraints

January 31, 2010, Concord Monitor: Special Ed Rule Change Questioned

January 25, 2010, Concord Monitor: Man: Disability Not Liability

January 7, 2010, Concord Monitor: HHS Changes Philbrook Policy, children won't be housed with adults

January 6, 2010, NHPR: HHS Indefinitely Suspends Transfer of Young Patients to New Hampshire Hospital

December 18, 2009, NHPR: HHS Opens Investigation into New Hampshire Hospital Policy

December 16, 2009, Concord Monitor: Rights group questions children's care

September 30, 2009, Concord Monitor: History highlights disability rights

August 14, 2009, NH Bar News: The Dignity of Risk: the NH Supreme Court’s Affirmation Of the Right to Live a Life of One’s Own Choosing

August 10, 2009, Foster' New NH Law Enhances Access for Disabled

June 13, 2009, Concord Monitor: Supreme Court sides with sidewalk activist

June 12, 2009, Laconia Citizen: Town loses ADA case

April 19, 2009, Concord Monitor: Challenging the system: Woman fought back after she was removed from chosen family

April 13, 2009, Nashua Telegraph: State must pay up over disability litigation

March 18, 2009, NHPR: Families on Disabilities Wait List Protest Budget Cuts

February 20, 2009, Concord Monitor: Boy abused in state care, advocate says

February 13, 2009, NHPR: Major Changes for HHS in Governor's Budget

February 6, 2009, Concord Monitor: Unlikely ally for DNA bill

February 5, 2009, WMUR: Disabilities Rights Group Alleges Mistreatment At Youth Facility

October 19, 2008, Concord Monitor: Ruling may mean town has to plow sidewalks

October 5, 2008, Concord Monitor, Experts watch new disabilities act warily: Revised law extends the law's protection

September 27, 2008, Concord Monitor, Servers want input from disabled

September 23, 2008, Concord Monitor: City hospital settles discrimination suits, Two employees filed under disabilities act

September 1, 2008, Concord Monitor editorial: Restaurant was right to apologize to Pierson

August 21, 2008, Concord Monitor: Here's to respect and vindication: Denied beer, disabled man gets apology

August 17, 2008, Concord Monitor: Without Interpretation: Deaf father seeks state's help to keep attending AA meetings

August 15, 2008, New Hampshire Bar News: DRC Launches Fundraising Effort, by Richard A. Cohen

March 11, 2008, Concord Monitor: Stop Signs to be installed for blind teen

February 9, 2008, Concord Monitor: Suing for safe passage: City has refused to add stops for blind teen

January 14, 2008, Concord Monitor: Blind voters: We were slighted

January 2008, New Hampshire Challenge: Wait list survives until after next election

January 7, 2008, Foster's Daily Democrat: Catching a lift to the polls: Rides to voting locations available for seniors, disabled residents

December 27, 2007, Manchester Union Leader: State dragged feet on Medicaid decision

November 13, 2007, Foster's Daily Democrat: Signs are a start to Barrington acting on accessibility issue at Town Hall

October 14, 2007, Seacoast Online: Special Ed parents lobby for their rights

September 22, 2007, Concord Monitor: For disabled, the wait just got shorter:Lynch signs bill adding services for 350

September 19, 2007, Foster's Daily Democrat: Barrington informed on lack of ADA compliance

September 10, 2007, Concord Monitor: Suit: Hospital broke federal disability law. Employer says it tried to be flexible

September 7, 2007, NH Bar News: Disabilities Rights Center Receives $100,000 Gift

August 21, 2007, New Hampshire State Senate News Release: Senator Paul Hodes pledges to fight for more special ed money

August 11, 2007, Laconia Citizen: Man challenges ADA sidewalk ruling

July 27, 2007, Concord Monitor: Aide convicted of stealing cards: He was hired to care for his disabled victim

July 25, 2007, NHPR: HHS Commissioner John Stephen to Step Down; Lawmakers Mixed on His Accomplishments

July 25, 2007, Concord Monitor: Next chief will inherit heavy load

July 24, 2007, Concord Monitor: Stephen will step down as health chief : He and Lynch had clashed repeatedly

June 13, 2007, Concord Monitor: Suing over the sidewalks, Man wants paths cleared for scooter

May 3, 2007, Concord Monitor: Stats suggest 'crisis in special education', Graduation and test score gaps examined

May 2, 2007, Concord Monitor: Senators aim to end wait list in three years, More services sought for disabled adults