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New Hampshire Legislation

Photos and testimony from the rally against the New Hampshire budget cuts.

The members of the Senate Finance Committee can be found here.

The members of the House Finance Committee can be found here.

Your involvement is critical in the outcomes of proposed legislation. Numerous organizations are tracking bills, keeping you informed, and sending out action alerts. For more information about specific bills, here are some other advocacy organizations you can turn to for more information:

Granite State Independent Living has an advocacy program that tracks current issues and legislation, and sends out advocacy alerts by email.

Community Support Network, Inc. "takes an active interest in Legislation (Federal and State) that could positively or detrimentally impact the developmental disability community." The central business organization for the area agencies, each of which has a designated legislative liaison listed on CSNI's website.

NAMI NH has a Take Action section of its website, with a public policy platform, legislative tracking, and public policy training.

New Hampshire has an ADA coordinator for the legislature, Joyce Phinney, 271-3162, Joyce.phinney@leg.state.nh.us. If you have business with the legislature and need an accommodation, call Joyce to make your request

To find information and current status of any bill, go to the NH Legislature website and use one of the search functions to search for the legislation you are interested in.

More information on VOTING

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Updates

DHHS website: Proposed administrative rules for public comment : Here's where to go to find proposed changes to rules governing the NH Department of Health and Human Services

NH Office of Legislative Services: website for Administrative Rules: find text of existing rules, rulemaking register, information about JLCAR, and more.