Rolling Gourmet: Reimbursement available for raters!

Now it’s more rewarding than ever to rate New Hampshire’s restaurants for accessibility!DRC Staff posing in DRC tshirts

The Christopher Reeve Foundation has given the Rolling Gourmet a grant to subsidize diners who use wheelchairs to rate restaurants for accessibility to people with disabilities.

To participate, here’s all you need to do:
1. Contact Disability Rights Center - NH;
2. Get the Rolling Gourmet rating form and learn the criteria for rating restaurants for accessibility. Use the form and the supplemental guidelines for raters.
3. Go out to eat at a restaurant that’s not already rated by the Rolling Gourmet;
4. Send us your completed rating form;
5. We send you a check for $25.00*!

After we receive your rating, we will contact the restaurant, let them know how they did and how they can improve.Your rating will be published on the website, but your name will be kept confidential.

If you cannot get in due to steps or other obstacles, let us know (we’ll rate that restaurant as a turkey), and find another restaurant to dine in. Be adventurous and try some place you’ve never been before. Most of all, have fun!

Your participation will let other diners know where they can dine comfortably and conveniently, and encourage restaurants to become more accessible. AND you get a stipend for your time!

*Limit to $50 per person, for two ratings. We prefer that you use a wheelchair because this makes you especially qualified to judge physical accessibility. However, if you need some other accommodations and you think you would be a good rater, give us a call, let’s talk! And don’t stop at two ratings: keep going out to eat and telling us about your experiences.

For more details, call Disability Rights Center - NH at 1-800-834-1721.


updated July 20, 2017