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The DRC works to end unnecessary restraint and seclusion and abuse and neglect against all people with disabilities.

November 2011: White Paper: Examining Preventable Deaths in the Developmental Service System: A Call to Action - Keeping Vulnerable Citizens Safe from Harm

July 2010 Press Release: New Hampshire Enacts Legislation Restricting Restraint of Children in Schools and Treatment Facilities

Sununu Youth Services Center investigations and reports on unnecessary use of force and restraint, and adequacy of mental health care

The DRC is working to minimize the need for restraints in various settings, including public and private schools. If restraints are to be used at all, they must only be used in true emergency situations.

We are gathering information on the use of restraint and seclusion in schools throughout the state. If your child is being restrained in school, please contact the receptionist at 228-0432 and she will direct your call to the appropriate person.

Rap Sheet Winter 2009: Please Don't Hurt Me PDF Version Text Version

National Disability Rights Network Releases a Series of Shocking Reports on Seclusion and Restraint in U.S. Schools

December 8, 2006, Press Release: Central Registry Abuse and Neglect Task Force Issues Final Report

March 6, 2007: Sean Magoon testified at a public hearing about his son, Sean Jr.'s services through an Area Agency. The neglect of Sean's medical needs, and the indifference of QA and complaint investigators, almost cost him his life. Read his full testimony here.

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